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Very special thanks to Amy and Mark for being part of my team and making everything even more special.

Ceremony Venue 

Miller Farm

Reception Venue

Miller Farm


Sarah Shafran

Hair and Makeup

Bride’s Gown

Here and Now Bridal

Bridesmaids’ Dresses



Harvest Moon Catering


Emily Clemson


Colonial Florist and Antiques

Ceremony Musician

Jeff Harrouff


DJ Ricky

Suits and Tuxes

Mens Wearhouse



I never thought I would be a wedding photographer. I started my professional career in Boulder, Colorado, riding on the backs of motorcycles, chasing professional cyclists through winding roads and epic climbs. I never thought I would find another career as exhilarating and rewarding but I was DEFINITELY wrong. I photographed weddings in Colorado, but it wasn’t until moving East, to Charlottesville, Virginia, that I really fell in love with them. I love all of the beauty of the flowers and the pretty clothing, but I what I LOVE MOST is documenting the love between the TWO OF YOU, and the COMPLETE JOY of your BEST DAY EVER. 

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When we ride around, ride around this old town
In my beat up car, with the windows down
People look at her, then they look at me
They say that boy, he’s sure living in luxury, sweet luxury

Because love is more precious than gold
It can’t be bought, no, never could be sold
I’ve got love, enough to share
That makes me a millionaire


Chris Stapleton


Casey & Scott,

Just as you will always remember the day you met, I will always remember your wedding day as if it was yesterday. The minute I heard your story of dedication, including the time you spent apart from each other, I knew I couldn’t wait to photograph you as you became husband and wife.

Casey, you are a physical therapist. Scott, you love spreadsheets. Yet you found each other and were married surrounded by familiar, immersive Blue Ridge mountain views. It was, in a word … romantic. I am so thankful I was the one to capture these forever photographs for you. Your dream day unfolded with an emotional and sweet ceremony under the tree Scott played beneath as a young boy. With the entire epic affair unfolding at the lovingly tended farm of Scott’s parents, the enchantment in the air was palpable.

Knowing you are dog parents who adore your fur babies beyond measure, I was confident your wedding day would be warm and friendly; of course it was. We had a beautiful day and created dazzling imagery among the misty mountain clouds, the pleasant sun, and just enough rain to get that one.

At every turn, the deeply personal details and setting of your marriage made my heart leap like a hummingbird in flight. From the pond that is so special to you as a couple, to the landscape tenderly cared for by Scott’s family for over 30 years, from Casey’s twin sister Alex as maid of honor, to Alex being the architect and baker of the cake, you inspired me.

When I think about the joy Casey displayed when you were introduced as Scott and Casey Miller, I can’t help but smile. My wish for you, Casey, is that you never lose the bliss you feel when you hear your married name.

Every wonderful moment at the reception was fun. You were lifted high by family and friends, and quite literally danced the night away, extending the party until midnight. All your dreams came true as you exited amid fireworks in the sky and sparklers in the hands of those dearest to you.

As you drove away in your Jeep, the moment came to mind when Casey twirled in her perfectly fitted – yet easy to dance in – lace gown, and then Scott twirled in his suit! I know that a couple who can laugh together, as effortlessly as they can be tender, will treasure each other. I treasure and celebrate you, Casey and Scott. Congratulations.



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