Virginia Destination Photographer -Lisbon

After moving to Virginia from Colorado about 7 years ago, I have kept my adventures close to home. Some family vacations to Vermont, California and the Bahamas. But, none of those were working trips so I was over the moon to visit Lisbon, Portugal this year and see what all the fuss was about. 

Lisbon did not disappoint and I could immediately see why all of these Virginia destination photographers were trekking all over the globe for new experiences. The Portuguese streets are quite literally paved with little limestone tiles. Bougainvillea flowers cascade down like beautiful pink waterfalls. Reminders of the city’s maritime past are around every corner and on the lamp posts! Layers of history are all around. Moorish ruins remind us all of the huge contributions that African culture brought to the region.

Working with a couple overseas required a whole new level of planning but also provided a fabulous experience to see and document love in a brand new way. I look forward to new opportunities to explore the world as a Virginia Destination photographer!

Lisbon Wedding Photographer Charlottesille_0487.jpgLisbon Wedding Photographer Charlottesille_0456.jpg Lisbon Wedding Photographer Charlottesille_0488.jpgLisbon Wedding Photographer Charlottesille_0474.jpg Lisbon Wedding Photographer Charlottesille_0479.jpg Lisbon Wedding Photographer Charlottesille_0478.jpg Lisbon Wedding Photographer Charlottesille_0484.jpg Lisbon Wedding Photographer Charlottesille_0485.jpgLisbon Wedding Photographer Charlottesille_0483.jpgLisbon Wedding Photographer Charlottesille_0481.jpg Lisbon Wedding Photographer Charlottesille_0475.jpg Lisbon Wedding Photographer Charlottesille_0465.jpgLisbon Wedding Photographer Charlottesille_0458.jpg Lisbon Wedding Photographer Charlottesille_0469.jpgLisbon Wedding Photographer Charlottesille_0477.jpg Lisbon Wedding Photographer Charlottesille_0482.jpg
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