Online Wedding Dresses? Part 2 – Finding a perfect wedding dress

The idea of creating your wedding gown online sounds like fun and online retailers make it sound easy!. Win-win, right? Especially in these crazy times! When I checked in with our friends over at Amanda’s Touch Bridal Salon, the filled me in on what the experience can be like for brides trying to purchase online. A lot of unknown elements come in to play.

Questions to ask an online retailer include: where are the gowns coming from? Could there be shipping or customs delays? What if your prefect wedding dress doesn’t arrive in time? What if it isn’t your dream wedding gown after all, when it does arrive? What if it doesn’t fit? Who do you call for help? Who will be my contact person in case something goes wrong?

With that in mind, here are some of my favorite reasons for choosing a bridal salon and bridal stylist to help you find the dress of your dreams and a wedding gown that photographs beautifully!


Check with your ideal seamstress and ask if they have worked with online gowns before. What has their experience been? Many have reported that it is difficult to work with the fabrics and design of these types of gowns.


Boutiques like Amanda’s Touch work side by side with our designers to create customizations just like online retailers. Their experience is invaluable – especially when coming up with something new!

Sketches and drawings are not the same as trying on a gown

When purchasing online you are trusting someone you have never met to sketch the drawing of the exact thing you told them that you wanted. Then you have to wait, all the while hoping and praying it turns out like you have pictured it in your head. Many have been dreaming about this moment since they were little girls. My 7 year old recently told me that she was going to have a sparkly dress so it must get into our minds pretty early!

the experience!

The experience of finding your wedding gown should be a moment that you will never forget, a moment for you and your family to share and cherish for years to come. Every bride should put their gown on before they purchase it, feel it, move in, fall in love!

personalized service

Your bridal boutique will be with your every step of the way to make sure that everything about your big day is perfect and exactly what you wanted, and how do we do that? We get know the bride and who she is. We become friends and help her with planning the biggest moment of her life!

the bottom line

Our biggest tip would be to pick a local boutique where you will have an ever-lasting moment to cherish, because in the end it’s about feeling beautiful and experiencing love! Why jeopardized your perfect yes moment with buying online with so many unknowns?

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