Jess & Sanjay || Veritas Spring Wedding || Dusty Rose, Blush & Navy with hints of Hindu Traditions

Charlottesville Wedding Vendor Love: Amy Wells & Beth Kagarise last weekend. Wedding Venue: Veritas Vineyard and Winery  //Wedding Hair and Make Up: Charlottesville Makeup Artist // Wedding Florist: Floral Images Design Studio // Wedding Gown Designer: Rebecca Ingram //Wedding Gown Boutique: Ashley Grace Bridal // DJ: Jay Chowdhry // Alterations: Sealed with a Kiss // Wedding Cake: Paradox Bakery


Jess & Sanjay,

What an amazing day! From the moment I arrived at Veritas for your wedding, a joyful peace was present in everything that you did. Jess, you just beamed with love for all around you as you prepared for your wedding day and, Sanjay, you were focused on making certain that your day unfolded just like all of the plans that the two of you made.

I witnessed so many things for the first time and they were all perfectly the two of you! I love that Jess practically danced her way over to your first look and just wrapped her arms around you and hugged you for minutes before meeting face to face. I loved all the beautiful Hindu traditions that you incorporated into your ceremony: the seven stepping stones and the vows you made as you took each step together; the exchange of garlands and then, later, rings; and, the tying of scarves and circling of the fire.

One of my favorite moments was Jess standing in the middle of the tasting room and announcing,” This day is amazing! I am surrounded by everyone that I love!”.  Another favorite was when Sanjay joined Jess in the middle of “Party in the USA”. The delight in her eyes was immeasurable.

Every couple, every person I meet leaves a little mark on my heart, helping me along my journey to be a overall better person. I am not sure how anyone could spend time with you both and not walk away from it all the richer. The joy and love you have for each other leaves a little of its shine on everyone in its light. Thank you for sharing it with us. We were honored to be part of your day.

Only the very best wishes for a lifetime of love and happiness and, of course, Dave Matthews concerts!

Beth (Beth & Amy)



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