Elizabeth & Hugh || Belmont and Charlottesville Urban Engagement Session || Spring 2018 ||

Will I ever get tired of Charlottesville engagement sessions? Truthfully, probably not. The city, as well as my wedding couples, is ever changing. New nooks and hidden gems pop up all the time. Just when I get used to one, it is either changed or becomes too overused and another needs to be found. Thankfully,  engagement sessions in Virginia are as varied and unique as my couples. As a Charlottesville engagement photographer, one of the best parts of my job is to help couples plan their session. Where to go? How to style clothing? What season speaks to them? Yes! I have couples that want winter sessions, too.

Because everyone brings their own unique style, each session has its own look and feel. As a Charlottesville engagement photographer, it is also my job make sure each engagement session itself is always unique and fresh. Each of my couples is experiencing this amazing “in-between” moment that is fleeting. Engagement is so special because it is the breath between just dating and a lifetime together. It is the gap between boyfriend/girlfriend and husband/wife. Documenting this time is like documenting all life’s transitions. The memories of where we have been and the dream of where we are heading-together. As Charlottesville engagement photographers, we should seek to help them document this time together and not just capture those must-have save the date images. I like to give my couple’s a date night and not just an engagement session. I look at it as a full stop in midst of wedding planning, and general life, insanity. A night where no one has to look at a phone, answer an email or do a chore. A magical night all about them.

Hugh and Elizabeth are certainly no exception! Graduate school, new jobs, travel away from each other.. they are checking all of the boxes. And, simultaneously, planning their summer Veritas wedding. They wanted something more urban, and light-hearted, for their engagement session. After calling a few local restaurants, they settled on the Local in Belmont. We met up just as they were opening and we had the place to ourselves! First up, some beautiful drinks! After that, it was just easy flowing conversation and fun little moments.

After leaving the local, we noticed how cute the Junction was! They invited us in and even let us utilize their fabulous balcony.

We wandered a bit more around the area and found a mural on the side of Mas. After wrapping up in Belmont,  we went over to the Graduate for a change of styling. We spent a bit of time out on the restaurant balcony. And, if you know me, you know that I am always up for adventure and exploring.  That is how we discovered a dictionary and cute sitting area and took advantage of both. The session was perfect but then the end was actually  favorite part! As we were wrapping up, we discovered some cute cruiser bikes and took them on an impromptu spin! Hugh carried Elizabeth off in his arms for a romantic and beautiful ending to our perfect Charlottesville engagement session.

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