Memorable Ways to Include Your Pet in Your Wedding

As a Charlottesville wedding photographer, I am often asked about how to include your favorite furry friends in your ig day! By now, you’ve probably read our Keeping Your Pet Safe at Your Wedding, and Should You Include Pets in Your Wedding? posts, let’s discuss how you can include your pet in your big day! Your fur baby can be included in everything from the decor to the ceremony.

Here’s how to include your pet in your Charlottesville wedding:

Include your pet in the decor.

If you determine the safest place for your pet is at home, don’t fear. They can still be in your wedding in spirit. If photo prints are a part of your reception decor, include photos of your pet, too.

Have them help with the proposal.

Not quite to the nuptials? If you think you need emotional support or backup when you pop the question, there’s no better candidate for this job than a wingcat or wingdog. Carefully attach the ring to their collar, or have them wear a “Will you marry me?” sign. So sweet.

Kitty cake topper.

Or guinea pig, hedgehog, horse, or hound, of course. Give your wedding cake a unique piece of flair with a fondant or hand-carved wood rendition of your furry friend. You can even order a custom topper with you and your pets!

Include them in your wedding photos and sessions.

Here at 3 Cats Photo, we never want one of the most important members of your family to be missing from your wedding album. If your pet will be comfortable during a wedding photo shoot, we’re all for that! If not, we’d love to include them in your more intimate sessions, such as an engagement shoot or bridal portraits. We have done many charlottesville weddings and engagement sessions with dogs and even kitties!

The wedding party.

Ask a wedding party member who knows and loves your pet to walk your well-trained pet down the aisle, so they can stand up with you, too. Be sure to check in with your venue to ensure this is allowed, first! We had the best time with this dog of honor first look at Veritas!!

Ring bearer.

Not crazy about the idea of kids at your wedding? No family friends who you want carrying those precious bands down the aisle? Include your well-behaved dog or leash-trained cat in your ceremony. It will be positively “Awwww”-inducing.

How else can you include pets on your wedding day?

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